World Brain Tumor Day

Brain Tumor

World Brain Tumor Day is observed every year on June 06 with the object to inform public about different causes, symptoms and treatments of this disease.

It was in the year 2000 that this day way first celebrated and since then it has been celebrated ion in June every year. German brain Tumor association was the main instigator of the celebration of the day. The members of this German association belong to 14 countries and, therefore, the decisions of this organization have certain worth among doctors as well as the health-related people.

German Brain Tumor Association announced in 2000 that this day will be commemorated as the international ay so that to arouse awareness among the public as how to behave with the brain tumor patients and where to take them for the brain tumor treatment purposes.

Brain tumor is actually an abnormal growth of a tissue in some part of the brain through one reason or the other. This abnormal growth of mass, then, takes the form of a larger mass and starts disturbing the brain tissues and nerves there.

World Health organization has issued a report saying that the mobile phones are creating a mild form of tumor in the ear due to the radiation that it emits and the electromagnetic waves that it uses. The research is not yet complete and needs further investigation in this regard.


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