World Rustler: First British firm to install NIR technology

UK-based Produce World Rustler will become the first British firm to install Near Infra-Red (NIR) technology for detecting internal defects in onions.

The company will commence a trial period in which to try the system and improve efficiency and sustainability.

Andrew Holding, business unit director for Produce World Rustler, said the development can improve the quality of onions supplied to customers.

He said: “NIR technology has been used for many years to detect internal defects in fruit, and Produce World Rustler was involved in trials on onions as long ago as 2007.”

“By definition internal defects are impossible to detect. As a result of using the very best growers, such defects only occur on a small percentage of the crop. However, a reduction in this figure will enable us to further improve quality and customer satisfaction”.


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