KP Cabinet lauds outstanding performance of Police

PESHAWAR: The Chief Minister and the Provincial Cabinet of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were all in praise for the outstanding performance of the KP police. The cabinet members lauded the remarkable initiative taken by the KP police for reforming the police force on modern lines and raising it to the level of international standards. The cabinet members acclaimed the appreciation of performance of KP police by the business community and the former Chief Justice Jawwad S. Khawaja.

The Inspector General of Police, Mr. Nasir Khan Durrani gave a briefing to the Provincial Cabinet on the law and order situation in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The IGP highlighted the overall performance of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police vis-a-vis terrorism and general crime followed by the reforms introduced to overhaul the performance and disposition (outlook / demeanor) of the police.

While elaborating the law and order situation to the members of the Provincial Cabinet, the IGP describe that there has been a decrease of 56 percent in the incidents of terrorism. The crime against person registered a decrease of 11 percent. Similarly, a considerable decrease has been witnessed in the incidents of Kidnapping for Ransom, Extortion and Murder – the three major issues haunting the province. A drastic decrease of 44 percent, 52 percent and 23 percent has been registered in Kidnapping for Ransom, Extortion and Murder respectively in the last nine months.

The cabinet was briefed that the KP police has been making efforts to religiously implement the National Action Plan as enunciated by the Apex Committee on Law and Order. In this regard an offensive-cum-defensive strategy has been adopted. Over 12 thousand search & strike operations have been conducted during which 39381 suspects were arrested while 10860 arms, 332183 ammunition and 340kgs of explosives have been recovered. Similarly, snap checking has been conducted at 37100 points during which 74581 suspects were arrested while 5800 arms, 200948 ammunitions and 5.5 kgs of explosives have been recovered. The Counter-Terrorism Department has traced 244 cases of terrorism in which 429 militants have been arrested and challaned to the court of law.

The defensive measures include denying the bases to the miscreants in the settled areas and target hardening of the sensitive and vulnerable areas. In this regard, 14,388 illegal Afghan immigrants have been arrested and evicted from the province, cases against 1,737 persons and 966 attesters have been registered on account of preparation and facilitating the preparation of fake CNICs respectively, 4593 tenants have been arrested for non-submission of their particulars with the local police and owners of 2,510 sensitive and vulnerable installations have been booked for not adopting appropriate security measures.
Further, 5,406 persons belonging to proscribed organizations are on the surveillance list of the KP police and their activities are being constantly monitored.

The IGP apprised the members of the Provincial Cabinet regarding the financial constraints and challenges being faced by the KP police. He remarked that the pie share of the police budget has been reduced considerably especially in the heads of training charges and CTD which is going to have a debilitating effect on the performance of the KP police. The IGP reiterated that the cumulative effect of the decrease in various heads of the budget would ultimately be reflected on the law and order situation in the province.

The Chief Minister and his cabinet members assured the IGP and his officers that all the issues would be addressed without any delay and the performance of KP police would not be compromised at any cost.


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