Supermodel Ayyan Ali gets her way!

Ayyan Ali

The Sindh High Court accepted the plea of Ayyan Ali to remove her name from Exit Control List. She has been suffering from the unnecessary delay of her money laundering matter. It has been lingering on forever since she was caught red handed smuggling huge amount of foreign currency.

Her media trial has gone wild, and one could observe the circus like atmosphere on each hearing. I think the Court has made a good decision to allow her to travel abroad. But a hitch has been created by the Additional Advocate General ‘s plea to defer the decision for another ten days.

Ayyan Ali’s lawyer Sardar Latif Khosa argued that her fundamental right to travel had been violated. She has suffered business losses and need medical treatment for her ailment. I hope she will be able to travel abroad soon after the expiry of the ten day period.

Best of luck Ayyan Ali on your new found liberty.


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