Certified Corruption in Govt. Colleges: Pay Rs 50 to get your practical journal certified says Teachers


KARACHI: Gone are the days when one needs to be a born criminal to evolve later into a corrupt official, since the highly-qualified, educated lecturers and professors take corruption to a new high, asking their students to pay a minimum 50 rupees to get their practical journals certified.

This is what is happening here at the government colleges in Karachi where young students have to pay a petty bribe to their teachers to get their practical journals certified, a compulsory requirement to eligible to appear in the final examination.

“When asked one of the principals of a Govt. College, which is located at the University Road here in the Gulshan-e-Iqbal, about the logic behind such unjustified fee, she said students of other colleges need to pay some 100 rupees for the mandatory certification of practical journals. However, according to the college principal, her college is too lenient to charge Rs 50 only,” said by a parent of an affected student who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Instead of taking the corrupt teachers to the task, the principal justifies the nefarious practice of being ‘all legal.’ “The media do not have such a free time to pay attention to these matters, so go wherever you can to have a shoulder to cry upon,” says the college principal.

“Doing her intermediate in pre-medical group, my daughter is about to appear in the annual examination in May this year and in such a crucial phase, we have left with no choice but to feel the brunt of such a nasty form of corruption, which is being pursued by designated academicians and degree-holding scholars and that too in the leadership of the principal of the educational institutions. What a real shame!” he added.

The affected father has appealed to Prof. Anwar Ahmed Zai, Chairman, Board of Intermediate Education Karachi (BIEK), the Directorate of College Education, Karachi (DCEK) and the Transparency International Pakistan (TI-P) to take an immediate notice of this institutionalized academic bribery.


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