SNT rejects Sindh Budget: Term it as budget of commission mafia

HYDERABAD: Sindh National Tehrik has rejected Sindh budget presented in Sindh Assembly on Saturday by finance minister Murad Shah as the budget of commission and corrupt mafia. It was an attempt to snatch from people Roti Kapra and Makan. SNT chairman Ashraf Noonari has said that very little amount has been kept for health, education, development projects and empowerment of women. He said people of Sindh rejected this anti-people budget. He said finance minister has presented the budget for capitalists and commission mafia which would never benefit the common man. He said the budget was prepared for those who pay 50% commission to rulers on even laying gutter line. He said no amount has been earmarked for any mega project and some amount kept for ongoing schemes was an attempt to deceive people. But the attempt has been to eat away budget under commission. He said by presenting anti-people budgets federal and Sindh governments have proved that they have no interest for the common man but have tried to appease their master world bank and IMF.


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