All Parties Conference by PSP demands Karachi Development Package

RIYADH: Leaders and representatives of various political, social, literary, religious and cultural parties gathered on a call by Pak Sarzameen Party aka PSP in All Party Conference (APC) recently held at the auditorium of Pak House, Riyadh.

The participants of the APC talked about “The issues of Karachi and their solutions”. Karachi, the seventh largest megacity of the world, the former capital and the largest city of Pakistan with an estimated population of more than 22 million has several socio-political challenges from the past many years. Karachiites are very concerned about their city as well as the Pakistanis for their love for Karachi that is an economical hub of the country and home to the millions of peoples from each and every corner of the country.

The APC was presided by the coordinator of PSP Gulf region Shamshad Ali Siddique. President PSP Saudi Arabian chapter Dr. Naeem Qaim Khani was the chief guest on the occasion. Young PSPian Talha Zaheer leads the proceeding that begins with the recitation of the holy Quran by hafiz Bilal followed by the Naat presented by famous Muhammad Asghar Chishty.

Prof. Dr. Mujahid Qaimkhani ably conducted the proceedings of the APC in a matured manner and invited the relevant speakers one after another with their due intros.

“Karachi is a mini Pakistan and is for all, it’s the economical hub of our country and generates 70% of the total revenue. Karachi needs our attention, let us come forward to address the issues of Karachi”, Dr. Naeem QaimKhani said in his welcome note.

PSP member Abdullah Iftekhar presented a documentary “Karachi Raising” that was highly appreciated by the participants.

Shamshad Siddique, presented the agenda of the APC, “Pakistan was built on two nations theory, now, it’s time to adopt one nation theory i.e. Pakistaniat”, He said in his opening remarks and further stated Karachi’s matter as the matter of national security.

Siddique demands a package increase of federal budget for the betterment of Karachi, he statically proved that Karachi is having very low budget comparing to the other cities of the country.

PSP’s Sardar Riyast stressed to finish the quota system, he requested all parties to support PSP for the solutions of Karachi.

Waqar Wamiq of Halqa e Fik-o-Funn emphasized to educate the peoples on the ground root levels, “Peoples of Karachi needs to maintain their tradition of harmony, we should engage common peoples with a softer image, we can have corner meetings, literary sittings, seminars, theaters etc. in order to the identification and the solutions of the issues”, Wamiq said.

Maulana Hamaiyoun Mehsud of JUI appreciate the initiative taken by PSP Riyadh chapter and asked for a similar APC to be held at Karachi with all the local representatives on board, “the peoples of Karachi are moving towards the peace, it’s a great sign”, Mehsud mentioned.

Engr. Rashid Mehmood Butt of PML (N) showed his deep concerns with Karachi, “Our various political differences and scenarios takes Karachi to this situation of uncertainty, we need to prevail the peace and harmony among the peoples, we must enroll the youth in fresh jobs”, he said.

Naseer Essa Khan of Qoumi Watan Party highly recommend to support the cause of PSP, “As PSP has taken such a great initiative to bring solutions of the problems so it’s due on us to support them fully to achieve our heartfelt desire of a constructive Karachi”, he said.

Maulana Aziz Ur Rehman Durrani of JUI stressed to build national harmony among the peoples of Karachi, “PSP must start a door to door campaign to know about the problems followed with their solution”, Durrani said.

Chairman PSP Mustafa Kamal addressed the APC with a special video link, “I am thankful to all of you who gathered today. Enmity is the starting point of all the problems we are facing today in Karachi. Unfortunately, the lingual, regional, political, social and religious differences were converted into enmity. We must finish our differences, we have to have courage to listen to each other”, Kamal said.

Kamal further mentioned to improve the governance, “If we really need to be benefited from the CPEC, we need to improve our governance by solving the issues of the society, we needs reforms, we needs to have a new social contract, we not just wait for the Panama scandals but we need to have the accountability of the corrupts and justice for all”, Kamal added.

Abdul Karim Khan of PPP described the issues of Karachi in details and held responsible to various political prophecies and hopeful for the best solutions.

Columnist Mubashir Anwaar appreciates Mustafa Kamal’s PSP ideology, “We need to have the rule of law and to solve the differences in a mature and good manner instead of turning them into enmity, we need to promote extracurricular and curricular activities, we needs to provide pen & book instead of weapons to our students”, Anwaar said.

President Pakistan investor’s forum, Muhammad Asghar Qureshi said, “Karachi is on a path of progress with the seriousness and interest of its peoples about the solutions of their issues, Government should play their important role in this regard”, he said.

Hafiz Abdul Wahid of Majlis-e-Pakistan held himself responsible for the issues of the Karachi, “I am responsible, we all are responsible, we didn’t fulfilled our responsibilities towards Karachi, the day we start realizing our responsibilities and act upon them will be the beginning of the solutions of Karachi’s issues”, Hafiz stated.

Abdul Majeed of Engineers Forum stressed to promote tolerance, “We have to promote tolerance, that’s the best solution of all the issues and problems. Allah has blessed Karachi with numerous facilities that can be utilized for the betterment”, he said.

Philanthropist and prominent Pakistani, Dr. Mansoor Memon presented several ideas, “Karachi lives in our heart and we are saddened over the situation of our beloved Karachi. We must adhere to the scientific research methods in the various sectors whether its education, health, transportation or any other in order to achieve the success

Khalid Akram Rana of PML(N) praised PM Nawaz Sharif for his efforts for the Karachi, “The worst thing done to the residents of Karachi by the national culprits is to name them Mouhajir, I salute to the efforts of PM Nawaz Sharif who did best for the Karachi during his tenures”, Rana added.

Wasim Sajid of PPP praised the efforts of Mustafa Kamal and Anees Qaimkhani of PPP, “These two men changed the scene of Karachi, instead of begging the votes they requested peoples to join their hands together to resolve the key issues of the city. Once in an international survey peoples were asked to choose a city they would like to lives in, they preferred Karachi over the Beirut and London”, he mentioned.

Abdul Maalik Mujahid of Jamiat-e-Ahl-Hadees insisted to maintain morality, “At the moment Karachi is moving towards the peace with the utmost efforts of the government, we needs to make a biased free society and to maintain morality in order to resolve the issues. The largest Pakistani city has a challenging situation in health sector, it has only two government hospitals”, Mujahid mentioned.

Sardar Abdul Razzaq of Kashmir press club appreciates the efforts of PSP, “Karachi should be provided with all the facilities especially in education and health sectors, we welcome the initiatives taken by the PSP”, he said.

Baba-e-Riyadh Qazi Ishaq Memon stated Karachi as the mini Pakistan and said Karachi’s gate is open for all and it accommodates all the Pakistanis, “We should feel sorry on our mistakes, we need to promote peace and harmony and we need to move forward positively, I appreciate peace prevailing efforts of Sindh’s government”, he said.

Senior analyst, Eng. Shafeeq Maitla historically described the dilemma of Karachi “When Dubai came in to rising, Karachi begins to fall, when Karachi falls London shined, Karachi was the best alternative of Hong Kong and taking attention of the investors but it was burnt purposely, it’s all part of an international controversy”, Maitla said.

Vice president Abdul Rasheed Khan presented the 11 points resolution of the day that was unanimously passed by the participants by raising their hands in its favor. The basic point of the resolution is a demand to provide a package for the development of Karachi.

Shamshad Siddique concluded the debate and appreciate the views, suggestions and recommendations by the various speakers and assures the participants that PSP will give value to all these suggestions.

President PSP Riyadh region Haneef Babar paid the vote of thanks and stated to continue PSP’s efforts on all levels, “We are highly thankful to all the participants of the conference, PSP comes up with a vision, we will do our best to resolve the issues and moves forward positively on the path of success”, Babar said.

The all parties conference successfully ended on a sumptuous dinner by the PSP.


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