Training arranged for doctors regarding scientific changes in diagnosis and observation of COVID-19 patients

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LAHORE: The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (PSHD) and Technical Working Group (TWG) arranged training of doctors in Multan regarding the scientific changes in diagnosis and observation of COVID-19 patients. 

In this connection, both Secretaries of Healthcare Department contacted the doctors via video link.  Detailed conversation has been made regarding modern techniques towards SOPs of diagnosis and taking care of patients.

Primary and Secondary Healthcare Secretary Captain (R) Muhammad Usman said that SOPs do change after coming modern research for taking care of COVID-19 patients. He further said that PSHD has published three versions of SOPs book. Similar changes are also made in SOPs book according to modern research.

Specialized Healthcare Secretary Nabeel Awan said that the purpose of training was save doctors and paramedical staff from being effected of this coronavirus. He further said that the doctors and paramedics also had been trained about the usage of PPEs and techniques of disposing off. The correct use of PPEs is the only way that can save doctors and paramedics to be infected from this novel coronavirus.

Captain retired Muhammad Usman added that training of master trainer was arranged in Nishtar Hospital Multan. Master trainers would train doctors and paramedics in their own south districts.


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