The Best PC Game Releases to Look Out For in 2020

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To say that 2020 has been a whirlwind of a year so far would be an understatement. Given the current situation of a worldwide pandemic, new game and console release announcements could not have possibly happened at a better time. Although the long-awaited new-gen consoles like Xbox Series X and PS5 will definitely make waves within the gaming community, one platform still seems to stand strong against these fierce competitors — the PC. Every year as these consoles “step up their game” (no pun intended), so do PC developers. Most of the time, many console game installments end up releasing their PC counterpart versions as well.

Thus, it stands to reason that the PC is ostensibly the preferred platform choice amongst many gamers. If you fall under this category yourself, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the hottest new releases coming to PC in 2020 to play to your heart’s content during this lockdown season.

Doom Eternal

The first entry on our list is nothing short of hype and anticipation. This newest installment of the popular franchise Doom seems to satisfy all the boxes on our list — a first-person shooter (FPS) involving blasting off demons back into the nether realm topped off with smooth gameplay mechanics, epic cinematic cutscenes, immersive visuals and of course, intense gore, what’s not to love? A commendable sequel to its 2016 predecessor Doom in many aspects, Doom Eternal has definitely surpassed everyone’s expectations as a well-founded and respectable entry into the action-FPS genre of the gaming world. What’s more, it’s perfectly suitable to be played on laptops like so you can definitely play this game anywhere you want.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Now, where do we even begin with this one? Since its very first breakthrough into the adventure-RPG scene back in 2007, the Witcher franchise has proven its success and popularity over the years with its engaging storyline, personable character, atmospheric graphics, and polished fighting mechanics. Immerse yourself in the World (literally) of the charismatic demon-slaying bounty hunter, Geralt, who traverses across beautiful medieval landscapes inhabited by mystical creatures.

Indeed, the CD Projekt RED team has done an impeccable job in improving previous game mechanics and are still finding ways to introduce fresh elements to elevate the franchise to greater heights. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an excellent example of a ‘sequel’ done right.

Disco Elysium

Next up, we’re moving away from demons and toning down the gore a bit with another RPG called Disco Elysium. Built upon an intriguing premise, you’ll wake up as a hungover cop tasked with the job of solving a murder mystery together with your trusty partner, Kim Kitsuragi. Although heralded as one of the best detectives, your character has tons of personal flaws and vices like substance abuse, self-hatred, and a lost purpose in life. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because it makes our hero more personable and relatable, allowing us to indulge in a fictional world while being able to empathize with him. With that being said, Disco Elysium shows promise for the hallmarks of a good RPG and is definitely worth checking out.

Gear Tactics

Despite Gears of War being an Xbox exclusive, it’s managed to grow a respectable and loyal fanbase. Although primarily marketed as a third-person shooter, Epic Games has officially marked the breakthrough of the franchise onto the PC platform with a revamp on the genre. The PC installment, Gear Tactics, adopts a turn-based tactical approach to its gameplay, characteristic of many strategy-adventure games out there.

Posing as a prequel to its Xbox counterparts, Gear Tactics tells the story of a group of unlikely heroes led by you, Gabe Diaz, tasked with the objective of defending the frontlines against an invasion of Locust horde. Work your way up in upgrading your equipments as you fight off wave after wave from an isometric point-of-view. Although the gameplay style might seem radically different at first on a superficial level, internally it still tells the same story that captivated Gears of War fans in the first place.

Resident Evil 3

Heralded and beloved by many as being one of the best horror game series, Resident Evil returns with an impressive successor to the franchise. Resident Evil 3 has definitely done its predecessors justice with its refreshing take on classic survival horror. With a similar origin as Gears of War, Resident Evil started out as a PlayStation exclusive. Play as Jill Valentine, a hardy female protagonist surviving her way through the zombified depths of Raccoon City, with a terrifying Nemesis hot on her heels, of course. Perhaps the most enticing feature about this newly-introduced PC version is that players get to not only enjoy it canonically but also with the wonders of modding if they choose so. Inadvertently, this tailors the individual gamer’s experience.

Half-Life: Alyx

Half-Life: Alyx has got to be one of the, if not most, anticipated titles to be released this year. After the tragedy of Half-Life 3 that never saw the light of day, many Half-Life fans were left hanging and seemingly abandoned. No one ever thought that Valve would ever revive the franchise until one fine day when they suddenly pulled a wild card — Half-Life: Alyx.

Albeit a VR-exclusive, fans are thankful nonetheless as they get to follow the journey of their beloved protagonist, Alyx Vance as featured in the previous installments. As Alyx, players are tasked with the responsibility of emancipating humanity from the clutches of the alien Combine race. Through the realism of VR, you’ll finally get to live out all the epic showdowns, puzzles, and navigation in literal, dynamic first-person. Half-Life: Alyx is the threequel that fans both want and rightfully deserve.


The gaming industry and community never cease to amaze us year in and year out. Blessed with some of the most innovative yet creative minds, gaming is constantly evolving as both a form of entertainment and a conduit of storytelling with the capacity to enact change; surmounting physical boundaries through a digital space and bringing people together through shared experiences, and 2020 is no different. In fact, it seems like now more than ever, gaming has proven its worth in unifying the world through thick and thin. So what are you waiting for? Settle down, buckle up, and get ready to be lost in hours of gameplay in some of the best game titles 2020 has to offer.


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