Universities Demanded Allotment of Land at Gorakh Hills Station

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DADU: The Vice-chancellors of three different universities of Sindh has demanded from the Sindh government to allot land at Gorakh hill station for establishing summer campuses, conference halls, and guest houses to enhance eco-tourism which will significantly improve and contribute in the economic development of the area.

Universities suggested Government of Sindh (GoS) and Gorakh Hills Development Authority (GHDA) may jointly facilitate research scholars during summer vacations or at any appropriate times throughout the year by establishing the summer campuses, conferences halls and researches centers within the area.

Vice Chancellor (VC) of Sindh Agriculture University (SAU) Tando Jam Prof Dr Mujeeb U DDin Sehrai further added  that such development will not only enhance research opportunities in the area but will also provide livelihood opportunities to the locals of the surrounding areas for example Wahi Pandhi, Tandorahim, Gaaji Shah, Sawro and Qasibo etc. He further added to the conversation through advance research the area may also be studied for agricultural intensification. During the discussion

VC, University of Sindh (SU) Prof Fateh Mohammad Burfat added that SU also submitted an application to GHDA for establishment of summer campus and allotment of land for research work in Gorakh Hills area. He further added in this thread of conversation that with permission of chairman of GHDA MNA Rafiq Ahmed Jamali, a foundation stone was laid at Gorakh hill station by him for establishment of summer camps but the project collapsed as the funds were not sufficient to materialize the project. 

VC, Mehran University of Engineering and Technology (MUET) Prof Mohammad Aslam Uqili also suggested that GoS may allocate some funds for development of research centers, in addition to this he said the area is environmental friendly and sustains pleasant climatic as well as weather conditions. Renowned development expert, Prof Aijaz Qureshi said that tourist economy was affected seriously in this region of Kheer Thar Ranges mountain and such development is highly recommendable.

Director General GHDA, Manzoor Ali Kanasro said that still Revenue department government of Sindh has not issued a notification of handing over 0.5 million acres land to GHDA. He said that GHDA had received 500 applications from various government departments and individually people to allot them land. He suggested that it is only way to develop the gorakh hills station.

He said that in the financial year 19-20, 160 million rupees were allocated but only 80 million rupees were released for development of Gorakh hills development station. 

He said that at current financial year, 20-21 only 120 million rupees were allocated by the Sindh government. He said that it is need to construct a path along Khawal Luck- a dangerous spot to reach at top of Gorakh hills station. He said that it is needs to develop the road and to construct two bridges with cost of two billion rupees.

He said that 40 rooms were ready for stay of the tourists and families. He said that 400 families’ tents also were arranged for families as they can stay in tents at gorakh hill station. He said that tenders were invited to follow master plan according to PC-1 for development of Gorakh hills station.

Renowned environmentalist Jibran Khalid Kidwai also added to the conversation and highlighted that during the year 2016 a Public Private Partnership (PPP) model was adopted for afforestation campaign at Gorakh Hills which failed as the survival rate of the planted species was very low. He said that the maintenance and taking care of the plants is a challenge there. However to attract a large number of tourists it is recommended to initiate another planned afforestation scheme for Gorakh Hills. Previously a number of research studies were conducted for the plant biodiversity and phytosociological attributes of the Gorakh hill which may be taken as a reference to develop an afforestation model for the area. Further to the conversation of Jibran Khalid Kidwai, Nasir Panwhar who is also a senior environmentalist recommended; Acacia arabia, Acacia tortilis, Commifera mukul and Tecoma undolata may be selected for afforestation campaign in Gorakh Hill and surrounding areas.

It is situated at an elevation of 5,689 ft (1,734 m) in the Kirthar Mountains, 94 kilometers (58 mi) northwest of Dadu city.


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