Six Unique Part-Time Jobs In Singapore You Can Do



The average Singaporean student may have taken up a part time job sometime during the school holidays for some extra pocket money, where the most common part-time jobs are tutoring and F&B service jobs. If you’re one of those who are on the lookout for a part-time job or hustle on the side to boost your main income but are tiresome and unenthusiastic to the idea of engaging in yet another F&B service job, then read on to find out these six unique part-time jobs in Singapore that you can do!

Dog Walking

There are so many frustrated and unhappy dogs left alone in HDB flats that do not get their regular fill of sufficient exercise and outdoor play, all due to their busy owners who are too occupied with other things on hand. This is why it’s not uncommon to encounter dogs being walked in the neighborhood by the families’ helpers. If you’re a huge animal lover but don’t own a pet cat or dog at the moment, then this is that amazing opportunity for you to interact with cute active dogs, and get paid for it!

Walking a dog can earn you a pay ranging from $13 to $25 per walk. You can find dog walking jobs on mobile applications like Pawshake, which connects pet owners with dog-walking seekers who have the time on hand to attend to their animals. Simply create your profile, and wait for a pet owner to reach out to you for a job. The more jobs you take up, the more positive feedback you can get, which will then help to bring in more future jobs for you!

Pet Sitter/Pet Boarder

Singaporeans are big travel lovers but may have pets as well. In times of traveling as an entire family, it can be difficult to find an appropriate place to leave their beloved pets while they’re away, as other relatives and friends may not be the most beckoning to the idea of caring for their pets each time. This is where side job seekers like you can get involved to help and care for their pets as a pet sitter.

Your responsibilities will include feeding their pets, playing with them, and giving their owners the daily photo or video updates. You can expect to earn about $20 to $25 per day, or up to $50 if you have an empty area at home to accommodate for their pet. If you’re equipped with the skills of pet grooming, then you can charge more for your services. For those big doggo-lovers with the patience and heart to warm up to others’ dogs and care for them as your own, then this is the perfect side hustle for you! You can create a job listing on apps like Pawshake and Carousell.

Swimming Instructor

If you’re a water lover living in a condominium with a pool and desire to get extra income sans the traveling to and fro, then becoming a swimming teacher just might be a good option for you. While it should be noted that a good number of swimming coaches that teach at private pools do so without the qualifications, The Swimming Teacher’s Association, Sports Singapore, and AUSTSWIM have certification courses that you can take to become a certified swimming instructor, and which will require you to be good in the four types of strokes and lifesaving.

You can charge a fee of $15 to $40 per hour per student, and this can turn out to be a rather generous side income considering how you can teach a group of students at one time.

Overseas Buyer

If your job requires you to constantly travel abroad, why not earn some easy income by helping to buy and bring back things for others in Singapore? Sites like AirFrov allow you to browse through the listings that people have made to request for the purchase of products that can only be found from or are much cheaper to get from certain specific countries. For instance, if you will be traveling to Paris, you can earn pretty attractive commissions by helping to purchase pricey designer bags. If you will be jetting off to South Korea for a business trip, you can help to purchase beauty products, or even K-POP merchandise, and earn a small commission for your efforts. While how much you earn is completely dependent on the type of item, this is one easy way for you to earn money!


Babysitting is not something very in-demand in Singapore, as most Singaporean families much prefer to leave their young with their grandparents or to employ a live-in helper to care for them. Despite this, there still is a gap in the market for ad-hoc babysitters, whether among the ex-pats or the locals. This may probably be due to the high agency fees or rates that agencies like A-Team charge for their services, which can really take a toll on the wallet of young families.

If you’re certain that you have the energy and patience to care for someone’s child and remain positive in times of their tantrum-making and nuisance, then perhaps you can offer to lend your babysitting services to families in need of help! Depending on your experience, you can expect to be paid around $20 to $40 per hour.

Theme Park Associate

As compared to tutoring a reluctant child or serving plates and plates of food, why not earn some extra money in a fun and exciting place like USS or water theme parks? Your job role can involve you encouraging and offering to take photos for families and couples at the park, or can even involve you holding a water gun and shooting the children! You will be paid on an hourly basis and can earn about $9.50 per hour for your work.


Working part-time may not necessarily be a tiresome activity; Dog walking can allow the animal lovers to have their fill of cute dog moments, while the experience of seeing your swim students improve over time can be a fulfilling one. Forget tutoring or waiting, check out these fun part-time jobs today!


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