Exclusive Interview: Classical Music changes you dynamically, drastically says Aizaz Sohail

Aizaz Sohail

Q. What has been the best performance of your career so far?

A- As funny as it may sound, I never dwell over any performance of mine for too long. Classical Music training changes you dynamically and drastically. Vocal changes come and go in the first 40 years of your life before you fully being to appreciate the flavor that has finally settled in.

Q. What made you believe that this career was your future?

A- I think I was always focused, disciplined and knew my direction. As a child I had shown interest in musical commercials on television. I started recording on magnetic tapes in the house which were all eventually hidden from me because I just wouldn’t stop singing and listening to my self and in the process ruining a genuine record too J. Such was the craze at a young age. With the passage of time it grew into a proper systematic learning procedure and then onwards a career.

Q. Do you take somebody to be your inspiration?

A- Many, Ustad Baray Ghulam Ali Khan Saheb being the greatest. I have pictures of my Gurus on my wall. They are right infront of me when I go to sleep and wake-up. They are a constant reminder of how much my journey remains and how little and unpredictable life is. My Gurus being, Ustad Faheem Mazhar and Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty, his disciples, Anol Chatterjee and Brajeswar Mukherjee.

Q. Although we don’t doubt your abilities as an individual, if you had to work in collaboration who would it be?

A- I would love to work with Shafqat Amanat Ali Saheb and Ahmed Jehanzaib.

Q. You have stepped into this industry. Have you come across anything that you wish to change here?

A- I wish people would start respecting each other’s time and being a tad more punctual, would sort a lot of things.

Q. Can you recall a “funny trouble” that you got into?

A- Not really. Most of my life has been dedicated to Riyaz. But if there is one in the future, I would love to narrate.

Q. If not music, then what?

A- Never thought about this, Actually if I weren’t a singer I would have picked up a Sarangi and without music I wouldn’t know what I’d be!

Q. If you had to give an advice to the younger you, what would it be?

A- There are no shortcuts to success.

Q. Your fans are listening; do you want to say something to them?

A- You have the capacity and power to empower good music. Support local talent and artists, they work very hard to make a livelihood. When good music is promoted a lot of inconsistencies are sorted altogether.

Q. Lastly, what’s next? Where do you think you are headed?

A- Lots of music from my band, an album, songs from collaborations and much more coming up.


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