9 leftist parties form NST alliance in Sindh

9 leftist parties form NST alliance in Sindh

HYDERABAD: 9 leftist parties in Sindh have formed alliances against capitalist friendly and working-class enemy rulers of Pakistan who happen to represent capitalist, Jagirdar and cruel bureaucracy as such policies of rulers have been pushing country to bankruptcy while crushing own people under ever increasing inflation, unemployment and deprivation.

An announcement to this effect was made by leaders of these 9 parties: Gulsher Sher of Watan Dost Jamhoori Party, Raz Shah of  Sindh Hari Committee, Zia Bhatti of Awam Workers Party, Syed Lal Shah of Awami Jamhoori Party, Masroor Shah of  Porhyet Mazahmat Tehrik, Taj Mari of National Mari, Pakistan People’s Party (Shaheed Bhutto) and Qaumi Mahaz Azadi in a press conference at press club Hyderabad. They said rulers with the collaboration of the establishment were busy in the slavery of IMF and imperialist countries. They said rulers have no policies on agriculture or on the industry. They said 65 percent of people were feeling unrest but instead of addressing the issues of poverty, inflation, unemployment, and hunger the rulers were trying to drag them in sectarian, extremist, and racist divisions rulers themselves were busy in loot and plunder of national resources and wealth.

They said war has been imposed on Balochistan while in Sindh a chain of the kidnapping of political workers was in offing. They also said that rulers have imposed a ban on even writing the word Jeay Sindh as if there was a One Unit rule in Pakistan. They said Peoples Party has imposed Jagirdars and Waderas with the patronization of imperialists like Malik Riaz. They also said millions of girls were deprived of education under old age traditions of parenthood. They said Sindh was suffering too much under climate change as it has been deprived of its water through dams and canals by Punjab since last 74 years due to which cities and villages of Sindh were being deprived of drinking of water for drinking.

They said their new alliance would work for the achievement of the following 6 points: secularism, climate friendship, considering Pakistan as a multi-national country, national self-determination, opposition to fascism and capitalist populism, opposition of Jagirdari and opposition of parenthood. They announced to hold a protest rally and public meeting in Hyderabad on 20 August 2022.


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