Independence Day – Required Unity

Pakistan Independence Day

Independence Day is a special day of great significance and full of patriotic spirit. The Muslims of India got freedom from the British rule after a long struggle.14 August is celebrated not only as the Independence Day of the country but also to remember this collective spirit, on this day we should not forget that Quaid-e-Azam fought against the British and Hindus to protect Muslims divided on the basis of caste community and set the masses into a nation under a unity.

With his peaceful political struggle, exemplary vision, trust and honesty and the cooperation of the Muslim people, he made possible the establishment of such an independent state, which the British and the Hindu press used to call the head of a madman, but after his death, this nation was once again changed in the crowd. It should be our intellectual thought that the celebration of independence is not just the name of a ritual, but what we have lost and found since independence, our national progress, the speed of development and prosperity, the possible fruits of independence and to account for his efforts in maintaining communal harmony and the integrity of the country.

Independence Day is actually a day of self-accountability. Let us take a pledge today that we will make Pakistan a great country with the same spirit and enthusiasm as we all got the freedom of the country together.

Freedom is not offered as a gift, nor is it obtained by alms, nor by mere worship. Slave nations have to go through centuries of fire and blood to see the sun of freedom. We thank Allah that he created us as free citizens of a free country Pakistan. This is another thing that our forefathers suffered endless sacrifices for this freedom.

A despondent nation that had no resources and no leader was made the owner of the world’s largest empire by a thin and aged but ambitious leader “Muhammad Ali Jinnah”, it is why he is called the Quaid-e-Azam. The fact is that the establishment of Pakistan was a miracle made possible by the efforts of those Muslims who sacrificed their generations, left their wealth belongings, and migrated to Pakistan with the sake of Islam like the refugees of Mecca.

It has been 75 years since Pakistan was formed, today’s generation cannot imagine how many hardships our country endured to get a recognition.

In the partition of Pakistan and India, our Muslims lost their lives, their wealth, their heritage, their honors, just to get this Pak land, on the partition of the subcontinent, the exchange of population or migration between Pakistan and India is all in human history. The Great Migration is said to have taken place and millions were killed or disappeared. Our present generation has no idea about who and how many people migrated from India to Pakistan

The current alarming situation of the dear country is not hidden from the people of thought and view. The concept of tolerance, patience, and unity is disappearing, increasing political, religious and social extremism is becoming a major obstacle in the country’s stability and development. Instead of criticizing a major foreign power at the national level, one should think about how foreign big powers have developed.

What qualities enabled them to lead the world? Don’t our scholars and intellectuals have enough time to think about the reasons for the development of the big states and tell our people that development is not achieved by spreading political hatred, nor by holding rallies and processions against governments.

Rather, the most important thing for the development of any nation is the unity and agreement of its people. This was the spirit that led to the establishment of Pakistan in 1947. The elites and leaders of Tehreek-e-Pakistan launched a political campaign thanks to the full unity and agreement of the Nation of Islam in India, which was ultimately successful and Pakistan came into existence.

As long as the Pakistani nation was working on the principles of unity and faith, this nation continued to move forward despite immense problems. But when our nation abandoned the three golden principles of “faith, unity, organization” mentioned by the founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, disgrace was its destiny.

The only way to progress, success and prosperity of Pakistan lies in national unity. The Pakistani nation has shown unprecedented brotherhood and brotherhood on many occasions, which proves that the spirit of mutual brotherhood and sacrifice is found in the people of this country.

The beloved country of Pakistan has been repeatedly affected by natural calamities, many difficult situations have come upon this country

In Sura (Anfal 8:26) God says, “Remember the time when your number was very few and you were considered weak in the earth. You were afraid at that time that people would take you away.” Then Allah sheltered you, gave you strength with His help, and provided you with good things so that you would be thankful. The truth is that the way to be thankful is in accepting the religion of Allah and establishing the Islamic doctrine.

It is the duty of religious and national leaders to play their role in uniting the Pakistani nation. Poets, writers, etc. It is also important that the intellectuals, teachers and other learned classes to develop the feelings of national love and unity and harmony among the people of Pakistan and to discourage hatred thoughts.


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