Worst wardrobe malfunction ever: Adrienne Bailon wore transparent dress


Worst wardrobe malfunction ever… Disney starlet and singer Adrienne Bailon wore a sheer skirt without underwear

Singer and actress Adrienne Bailon is all class. She goes to a concert not wearing knickers and the wind blows her poufy.

Adrienne Bailon was wearing an American actress original dress to go to New York one event.

The former girlfriend of Robert Kardashian Jr from 2007 to 2009 and has starred in Keeping Up with the Kardashians reality TV show, had opted for a black dress, made ​​of black sheer fabrics.

To camouflage the front and the private parts of her body, a white veil came back on the front.

But when the young woman turned around, the attention of those present was focused on her buttocks, visible under the embroidery.

And, to top it all, her white veil, removable, revealed more than enough in the event.

It did not take more than the American press for grabs this “fashion-faux pas” of the old Disney actress of “Cheetah Girls” …


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