Israel-Palestine tension in the West Bank

Palestinian protester in the West Bank

The UN and NGOs denounced Friday ”record” of Palestinians displaced in the West Bank. That follows the destruction of 63 buildings in the area by Israeli authorities.

132 Palestinians, including 42 children find themselves homeless.

Demolitions “that destroy chances for peace”, is the statement by the UN following the destruction by Israel of infrastructure, and the displacement of more than a hundred Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

While Israel and Palestine are fighting the West Bank, the Jewish state has begun demolitions in order to rebuild thousands of homes for Israeli settlers.

“These demolitions are occurring in parallel with settlement expansion,” Robert Piper, coordinator for UN humanitarian and development activities in Palestinian territories, said this week.

For the Israeli government, it is better to demolish resettle Palestinians in the Jordan Valley or further from East Jerusalem, the desired capital by the Palestinian authorities.

But for thirty NGOs defending human rights, it is a “forced transfer”.

Palestinians accused Tel Aviv of fragmenting their territory to prevent the creation of a strong state.

Among the hundreds of refugee families after the Israeli demolitions, some have already been displaced four times in the last four years, according to the UN.


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