Don’t fall prey of external forces: Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed

LAHORE: Ameer Jamaat-ud-Dawa (JuD) Pakistan Professor Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has advised politicians and rulers to not fall prey conspiracies of external forces. India is not sincere with you. Abstain from its so called friendship and help oppressed Kashmiris unanimously. India will be broken upon Kashmir’s freedom and Pakistan will rise as strong power with respect to defense and economic point of view. America and Europe are dispersed due to this reason. They are inciting India to destabilize Pakistan. It is need of the hour to create situation of unity and unanimity in country to fail conspiracies of enemy.

While delivering Friday sermon, he said that Kashmiris’ sacrifices have taken 70 years long freedom struggle at that point; there is not example in the history of world. India has been defeated badly. That it was, Political and military among whole nation would unite on help of Kashmiris and play full role to quit Indian forces from Kashmir but unfortunate politicians and rulers are engaged in mutual brabble instead of oppressed Kashmiris’ help.

Hafiz Muhammad Saeed said that 27th of October was the black day of Kashmir. India entered its army in Kashmir with collusion of English and forcibly captured on Kashmir Valley. As well as 6th of November is after few days when thousands of thousands of Muslims were evacuated from Jammu and Indian government martyred more than 1.5 lakh Muslims to end Muslim’s majority. In current situation of Kashmir’s struggle, whole Pakistani nation should unitedly stand with Kashmiris but situation is this that politicians and rulers are not perception of seriousness of situation and this time, the condition of disturbance in Islamabad. India is playing frightful plan with back of America.

He urges Muslim rulers to follow Islamic rules and said that hypocrisy and mutual brabble will be ended when rulers will follow Islamic rules. Country is surrounded in danger situation. Forces of enemies are terrifying planning against Islam and Muslims. Solution of all Pakistan’s internal and external problems is existed in Quran and biography of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).


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