Imran Khan asks did Maryam and Nawaz win the World Cup?

Bisham: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s Chairman asks whether why Pakistan Muslim League (N) plans to welcome the former prime minister and his daughter, did Maryam and Nawaz win the World Cup?

While addressing to a large crowd gathered here in Bisham the other day, Imran Khan publicly lashed out at both PML-N leadership and their supporters. He said he’s unable to understand whether for what reason they’re planning to treat and greet their ousted party president by extending a warm welcome? “Are they returning to Pakistan after winning the World Cup?” asked IK.

If there’s no further change in their plan, the ‘father-daughter-duo’ is likely to finally return to Pakistan on Friday (July, 13), landing on Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport. On the other hand, IK seems fully determined to take any step to stop the father-daughter duo; blaming them of huge corruption and stealing as much as Rs. 300 billion from Pakistan.

Blaming on the country’s system, the PTI Chairman further said that why big culprits are allowed to roam around freely while the small-time criminals and crooks are behind the bars? “Sadly, the looters are being sent to country’s assemblies whereas their actual place is jail,” added Imran Khan.

Turning his guns towards Asif Ali Zardari, IK dubbed him as ‘Godfather of Dacoits’ and said that the former president and Nawaz, both are equally involved in rigging and corruption activities. He further blamed both for helping each other; at the time of trouble, especially.

Apparently, Imran Khan’s next “target” is Asif Ali Zardari and as the former president of Pakistan is also facing huge money laundering charges now, Khan is all set to get both Nawaz and Zardari, as he himself mentioned in yesterday’s public meeting!

Now let’s wait and see whether interim government handles the Friday’s Big Moment; and what would be PTI and IK’s strategy!


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