Burden of Rs.8.5 billion on people under power bills of Jan 2021 unjust

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HYDERABAD: President Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry Salimuddin Qureshi has expressed his indignation at increase in charges of electricity by adding that additional burden of Rs.8.5 billions on consumers in power bills of January 2021 is unjust. He said it was inappropriate that burden of government inefficiency be put on people who were already suffering under inflation and increase of taxes additional tyranny with them was even against manifesto of ruling party.

In a statement he said political parties get power by showing   golden dreams to public but they fail to formulate positive economic policies due to dearth of able economic team. Failure on economic front despite an army of ministers, advisers and special assistants was ample proof that only ministers and advisers are being bestowed with favours while they have no qualification nor experience.

He said government has increased Paisa 20 and 77 as feudal price adjustment  in October and November 2020 which will be recovered in bills of January 2021 bills while Rs. 1.11 in December 2020 to be recovered in February 2021 bills.

It was common that governments provide relief to consumers but here rates are increased with no relief with it the power to purchase is reduced and flood gates of price hike get more wide. He said government has recently increases prices of petrol and gas and after this the price hike of electric bills was out of tolerance. He has made appeal to Prime Minister Imran Khan, advisor to finance, minister of energy Umer Ayub Khan, advisor energy Tabish Gohar to take pity on consumers and withdraw new taxes to provide them relief from unbearable inflation.


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