Harvard Wisdom – A Book to Build up Readers Worldwide

Harvard Wisdom

Author Sunha Kim has compiled a collection of wisdom from fellow Harvard alumni, that so and has been called “a ‘brain storm’ of vignettes reflecting on perseverance, compassion, empathy and thoughtfulness.” 

Harvard Wisdom is a collection of thoughts from numerous alumni of one of the finest universities in the world. Such alumni include Bangladeshi Minister of Finance Sultana Afroz and Hassina Sherjana, CEO of Aid Afghanistan for Education. 

Mr. Kim has worked tirelessly to gather the best of his contributors’ thoughts and musings, beliefs and ideas. The value of their education becomes the blessing of anyone who reads this book, which contains a collection of wisdom that is a direct product of the world-class education the contributors have received. 

Anyone in possession of this book can receive its wisdom. Available on Amazon Kindle for $9.99 USD.


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