PFA Seals fake ketchup manufacturing factory

Punjab Food Authority

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) under the supervision of its Director General sealed fake ketchup manufacturing factory violating laws and regulation situated in Chaudhary Colony on Thursday.

DG PFA Rafaqat Ali Nissoana said that sealed factory was preparing hazardous ketchup with addition of non-food graded colors and chemicals in it. While inspection, false labelling and poor arrangements of cleanliness were witnessed on the spot.

He further said that factory was sealed after conducting screening test of the product proved the addition of harmful chemicals. The hazardous and poor-quality ketchup was being prepared to supply with attractive packaging. The use of prepared with lose colors and extremely hazardous chemicals causes several deadly diseases

He added that in lure of making more profit, non-food graded and cheap ingredients are used in preparation of food. Strict legal actions are taken against those who are indulged in adulteration and counterfeiting.


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