PFA imposes Rs0.3 million fine on two food points

DG PFA Kashmir road

SIALKOT: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) has penalized a famous hotel and a sweets shop with Rs300,000 cumulative fines while carrying out an operation under the supervision of its Director General Asim Javed on Kashmir Road.

While the PFA has discarded 900 liters of impure milk and more than 40kg of substandard edibles on the spot during the operation.

He said that PFA imposed hefty fines due to poor storage system, dirty washing area, and un unhygienic working environment in the production area. Further, he said that food safety teams also witnessed the presence of cockroaches and rat droppings in the production area. Dirty utensils were being used in the units, he added.

The director general said that PFA will close all businesses involved in selling expired and substandard food items because the consuming inferior-quality, substandard food items leads to many diseases.

He further said checking of food points on main highways and intersections is being done daily. He said the PFA is working to improve the food quality as per international standards. He added that the PFA is taking strict action without any discrimination against the adulteration mafia and counterfeiters under the zero tolerance policy.

He has requested citizens to inform PFA on its helpline number 1223 in case of any food-related complaints.


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