PFA Conducts Extensive Inspections of Flour Mills; Multiple Mills Penalized for Quality Violations

PFA raided flour mills

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Department has been rigorously working towards its goal of ensuring the availability of affordable and high-quality flour across Punjab. Acting on directives from Provincial Food Minister Bilal Yasin, the department recently conducted comprehensive inspections of 1160 flour mills throughout the province. These inspections led to the imposition of heavy fines and the suspension of licenses at 42 mills found to be dealing in substandard wheat.

Detailed reports reveal that fines amounting to Rs 10 lakh were levied against 20 flour mills located in Lahore, Bahawalpur, and Rahim Yar Khan. Additionally, 20 more mills in regions including Sheikhupura, Rawalpindi, Jhang, Khushab, Sargodha, and Bhakkar received show-cause notices, and had their licenses suspended for a week. More severe measures were taken in Faisalabad, where 2 flour mills had their licenses permanently revoked due to grave legal infractions.

The infractions identified during these inspections included the use of non-standard, fungus-infected wheat and the presence of mud balls and other impurities in the flour. Minister Bilal Yasin emphasized the severity of these violations and the corresponding penalties. He issued a stern warning to all flour mill operators to improve their standards, indicating that future inspections might lead to criminal charges if non-compliant practices continue.

Minister Bilal Yasin reiterated the government’s firm stance on no compromises concerning the quality and weight standards of flour and roti. He highlighted the positive impact of recent wheat price reductions, which have made essential food products more affordable for the populace. He stated that these benefits must reach the consumers without hindrance.

Furthermore, Minister Bilal Yasin directed the food department staff to maintain an active presence in the field to monitor the ongoing quality and pricing of flour produced by all operational mills in Punjab. He credited the diligent efforts of the department for the significant decrease in the price of a 20 kg flour bag by Rs 1000 to 1200, bringing substantial relief to the common man.

The Food Minister assured that the Punjab Food Department will persist in its endeavours to uphold fairness and merit in the marketplace, ensuring that the standards of food safety and affordability are met across the board.


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