Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, World’s Officer In-Charge: Please Limit The Number Of The Richest People In Each Country And The World

Shahid Saleem Butt

The list of the 1426 richest people in the world shows them to be possessing $5.4 trillion. If we compare the list of the richest billionaires right from the year 2000 till now, we find that the total number of billionaires in the year 2000 was 470 (with $898 billion as their net worth) whereas they have reached 1426 (with $5.4 trillion as their net worth). This is a huge accumulation of wealth in a few hands. Out of 7.1 billion of the current world population in the year 2013, merely 1,424 people possess a huge portion of the global wealth. This is not the end of the game as there are some other people who possess more than $100 million or so. The total percentage of these wealthy people must be far less than 1 percent.

Is it justice?

Where are we heading to?

I plead Mr. Ban Ki-moon, the United Nations Organization Secretary General, to consult with his team-mates to devise ways to limit the number of wealthy people in the world in general and the countries in particular.

Sir, you are the officer in-charge. It is you and only you who can take steps to resolve this issue. You are in power. You can urge people to formulate rules and regulations for rich people to accumulate only a specific percentage of a country’s total wealth. Sir, is it just for the princes of nations, the presidents (and prime ministers) of countries, etc, to run their so-called businesses simultaneously while holding highly influential offices. A powerful man will obviously be able to accumulate wealth in one way or the other.

I have the following suggestions for the improvement of situation in this connection:

  1. Devise rules where the rulers of a country are not allowed to run a private business along with ruling a country.
  2. The wealthiest people should be defined as having the assets and wealth of $100 million to $10 billion. You set financial specialties to fix the upper and lower limits.
  3. If the $10 billion limit exceeds for a particular billionaire, the surplus money (that he earns) should move to a ‘surplus’ pool managed by a subsidiary of the United Nations Organization in that country. This surplus money may be used for the education, health and the residential amenities of the poor.
  4. The main concern of a billionaire is to make a name in the history of the world. Why not make a ‘Hall of Fame’ in the United Nations Organization where the names of those richest people are written along with the ‘surplus’ amount that they produced for the poor.
  5. The richest people (worth reaching $10 billion) should be given respect all over the world, and they should have SPECIAL PASSES and VISA-FREE-PASSPORTS to move to any part of the world. A specific protocol may be set for them.
  6. There should also be a limit to the accumulated wealth. I mean, at least, the wealthiest people of a particular country should not be allowed (by LAW) to go ahead of 50 percent. The remaining 50 percent wealth should be left for circulation among the masses.
  7. You may depute people to design badges and the special words of honor for the richest people who enter the ‘Hall of Fame’. Names those people as the “Earth’s Best Person” or the “Most Honored Person on Earth”, etc, should be displayed at the prominent positions in the member countries.

Sir, more than half of the people in the world earn even less than $2000 per year. Most of the people of the world live in the lowest drenches of poverty and they need rescue and you are in a position to represent them.

You have all the data, facts and figures coming from the CIA world fact report, World Bank and the IMF, etc. Sir, you have the voice that can lead many others and that can force the richest countries and the richest people to start thinking about the poor in this innovative way.

I find no other person who may be more suitable than you to devise these ways. Come on, sir, and go ahead and make a name in the history of the ‘Servers of Humanity’!

(It is an appeal to the Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon, on limiting the number of wealthy people in the world through an all-pervasive law)


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