Matrix MMA Launches New Classes Offering A Wide Variety Of Martial Arts Training Programs

SINGAPORE – Media OutReach – 15 November 2021 – Matrix MMA, a modern combat sports studio located in Singapore, has launched new combat sports classes offering a wide range of martial arts training programs. These new programs are structured to help students of any fitness level achieve their desired fitness goals or attain a higher level of mastery in a specific field of martial arts. Each training session is structured to match the skills and fitness levels of each student.


The training instructors at Matrix MMA are highly certified trainers and coaches, experts in their fields of martial arts and possess in-depth knowledge of the footwork and techniques. They are also medalists of different titles and are qualified to evaluate each student’s fitness level to help them reach their goals.


One of their satisfied students has also publicly praised the structure of Matrix MMA classes and commented on Google, “It didn’t matter the skill level, everyone was so willing to help each other out”. “And that’s not the only impressive thing about their classes. The training is top-notch, and the instructors know what they are doing.”


With the launch of the new classes from Matrix MMA, students can expect to achieve a better level of fitness or even attain a higher level of mastery in different fields of martial arts. Students will have opportunities to take part in local or overseas competitions too.

About Matrix MMA

Established in 2020, Matrix MMA is a Singapore-based combat sports studio specialising in mixed martial arts. Matrix MMA is committed to providing exceptional and quality training for students of any fitness level through its structured training programme planned by its experienced coaches.

At Matrix MMA, the classes focus on techniques and how to apply them in real-life situations and competitions effectively. Matrix MMA aims to provide a holistic training experience for all members so that everyone has a fair chance to participate in competitions locally or globally. They also offer a 1-week trial pass with no obligation to commit for anyone who wishes to give mixed martial art classes a try.



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