Swara Bhasker Denies Allegations Of Deepika Padukone Receiving Rs 50 Mil. From Pak Businessman

Actor Swara Bhasker in a tweet on Wednesday (30 July) denied allegations made by former RAW officer N K Sood that Deepika Padukone received Rs 5 crore from a British-Pakistani businessman Aneel Mussarat for going to the Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) to show solidarity with leftist protesters.

Bhasker in a tweet called these allegations as idiotic misinformation and termed them as a “rampant culture of stupidity”.

These allegations against Padukone were made by the former RAW officer N K Sood in his YouTube videos wherein he talked about Bollywood’s alleged Pakistani connection. The clips soon went viral on social media.

Sood in the above video claims that Padukone had visited the JNU campus on the request of Mussarrat who had made a phone call to her from Dubai.

Additionally in the video Sood claimed that Musarrat enjoys a close relationship with both Imran Khan and the Pakistani army. He alleged that Musarrat had financed the anti-CAA protests in the UK and that he also enjoys a good relationship with a lot of top Bollywood stars.

Similarly in another video Sood reiterated the allegations against Deepika Padukone and added to it by saying that she received Rs 5 crore from Musarrat for her JNU visit.

In the video Sood also talked about the death of actor Sushant Singh Rajput and alleged that the underworld is involved in the matter. Sood also claimed that the NIA may start investigating the alleged connection between Bollywood and Pakistan.


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