Two-headed Cobra born in China; wants to kill each other

Two-Headed Cobra

The animal inevitably recalls mythological creatures like Medusa and the Hydra. But the two-headed cobra who was born in China is real, reports the news agency Xinhua, echoing several Chinese news sites.

Born there is a little more than 15 days in farming; the serpent has been retrieved from the zoo in Nanning in southwest China. It now measures twenty centimeters and has two brains, but one digestive system. Keqi Li, the man who takes care of the two-headed cobra, had not seen this type of a rare case since the beginning of his career in 2007. He said changes in temperature and humidity during incubation have caused the mutation.

Another concern: it weighs only 50 grams, 15 grams lighter than cobalt at this stage of its development. The two-headed cobra refuses to eat or drink anything, except itself. Li Keqi is therefore obliged to feed him by force, even though he knows that the method is not sustainable.

The animal, which has already transformed many times, is logically in danger. Thus he decided to call experts from around the world. While waiting to find a solution, the movements of the cobra may not be very coordinated.


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